This is the homepage of the artist Diligo DeCanto.
The musical endeveaurs of Diligo will here be documented in sound, text, and possibly image.
Diligo Decanto is this far a one man show which aspires to create guitar oriented pop music with an acoustic feel. Enjoy.
2011-12-03 Long time no see, a new song!
2009-11-04 One new song added, En logn, enjoy
2009-10-05 Some cleaning (not finished), one new tune
2009-10-04 Adding all old Diligo DeCanto tunes
2009-10-04 First version of new page.
2009-09-xx Old homepage went to the great heavens of homepages due to an unfortunate mistake.
Den du vill ha released on 2011-12-03
Acoustic Pop

En logn released on 2009-11-04
Swedish newage-progg

Spelar mina sånger released on 2009-09-19
Summer pop

Our last farewell released on 2008-09-02
Acoustic pop

Whispers of the heart released on 2009-xx-xx
Acoustic instrumental pop

Winter nights released on 2009-xx-xx

Höga berg och djupa dalar released on 2007-12-12
Acoustic pop

Kom i min famn released on 2007-12-11
Acoustic pop

Try again released on 2007-xx-xx
Old age new age