Charles Darwin Evolution Experience is guitars, riffs, stoner, grind, feeling, love and pure uncomplicated rock'n'roll.

Experience the evolution. It has just started.
2010-06-30 Born
2011-03-25 Two new songs, the only way is up
2012-08-28 Long time no see! Another one is up!
10 Timmar released on 2010-06-30
Stagefright will get you, sooner or later

Brann alla darar released on 2011-03-25
Burn all fools, then all will burn.

Kliva av released on 2011-03-25
When the squirrel wheel of life spins too fast, better climb off.

Fan vet released on 2012-08-28
Damned if I know?

All along the watchtower released on 2018-01-27
Long time no see? A cover popped out